Victor L. Bradley Jr.

Anti-bias & Anti-Racist Educational Programming, Coaching, & Custom Curriculums

Never too young to change the world.

Programming that offers children the spaces they need to learn to respect and embrace each other’s differences and become the socially-conscious citizens of tomorrow.


Online Classes

For young people & adults

Anti-bias classes that explore and demystifies topics of gender, anti-racism, and anti-bias work and education. 



For Parents, Families,
& Educators

Anti-bias coaching explores and demystifies topics of gender, anti-racism, and anti-bias work and education. In the safety of our sessions, you can ask hard questions and receive the answers you need to confidently initiate and engage in conversations and learning about these topics with your children, students, and community.



For Schools, Early Childhood Programs, and Organizations

Customized programs, curriculums, and tools for implementation on topics of social justice in early childhood settings to meet your organization’s specific goals.

Get Started with anti-bias education at home!—Free Download

Dive into anti-bias education at home with my top 10 list of books to teach your children about important activists and diverse leaders. Books, especially those with powerful illustrations are one of the most effective ways introduce these “changemakers” to young children

Books, especially those with powerful illustrations, are some of the most effective ways to introduce these “changemakers” to young children.

Parent Testimonial

“Victor's teaching style uses kindness and compassion to give his students room to question, experiment, make mistakes, try again, and learn. I watched with joy as he extended this to my child, and realized with gratitude that it extended to me as a parent too."


John Hornstein Testimonial

“Victor Bradley brings together two forces—young children and social justice—which when brought together will make our world a better place. As a tremendously nurturant and knowledgeable early childhood educator he has a profound understanding of the complexity and power of young children’s development. "

—John Hornstein, Founding Faculty Member, 
Brazelton Touchpoints Center

Parent of Malik Testimonial

“My child attended Victor’s online 
'Diverse People of Power' class. He immediately requested that I get him books on several of the 'changemakers' that Victor had presented. He was clearly impacted by these stories and has now started a child-led activist club for his peers at his school.”

—Parent of 7-year old Malik

Julie Beauregard Testimonial

"Victor knew just how to encourage and guide our daughter's own feelings of justice and fairness, exploring the stories of many inspiring figures and emphasizing the deep compassion that lies at the root of their leadership."

—Julie Beauregard, Parent

Parent of Ava Testimonial

"When my daughter Ava was four years old, Victor read a book to her about Richard and Mildred Loving and their battle to legalize their interracial marriage. I worried that Ava might be too young for such a weighty topic but Victor skillfully approached issues of race, bias, and social justice in a thoughtful and age-appropriate way. It challenged my own notions as a parent about what a young child can process and learn."

—Parent of Ava

Victor L. Bradley Jr.

Victor L. Bradley Jr.

I have over twenty-nine years of experience serving diverse communities as an early childhood educator in pre-k and elementary school settings. I have extensive experience guiding young children through inquiry-based and hands-on learning methods using multi-faceted mediums—incorporating art, literacy, math, and science to teach children about what interests them. My approach to teaching and learning focuses on play-based classroom environments and how they encourage and nurture different modes of learning.

Making A Difference One Child At A Time

  •  Extensive training and consulting work
  • A deep commitment to social justice
  • Commitment to racial and gender rights, and economic fairness
  • Confidently confront “tricky” conversations with young people
  • A calm, cool, and reassuring approach to this important work