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Check out the summer change maker late afternoon/pre suppertime offerings in July!!!

 For small and bigger young people.


Summer Summer Summer!!

  • Two fun and dynamic online 5 day classes that help confront and eliminate barriers of prejudice, misinformation, and bias in young children in a developmentally- appropriate setting.

    • Change makers Street Artist Class


    When: July 19-23 


    Price: $125.00

    Registration deadline July 5


    Each day we will explore a different change-maker artist and create art together.  We will read stories and learn about the artist’s vision and how they used their art to promote social justice. Along with having rich discussions about these artists, we will also practice movement and mindfulness and sing together. 

    What will you need for this class: I will send Links and suggestions, you may use whatever supplies you have at home or can find the supplies at other retailers. 


    • Find a space either outside (on a porch, deck, backyard), or inside where your child can be messy and create art. Children can work at a floor, table (for easel work) a wall, or a fence. Wherever you feel most comfortable having them do this messy artwork 


    • Smocks are not necessary, just have your artists wear old clothes they (and you)don’t care about getting messy or you could find some for just a few dollars at Goodwill or a local thrift store.

    • Become A Changemaker 


      When July 26-30

      Time 5:30-630pm

      Price $50

      Facilitated by Hazel and guided by Victor 

      A virtual discussion activist group for young people.

      In this class, you will gain tools on how to become a changemaker. This class will empower your young person to begin to think about leadership in social justice work. 


      • Meeting actual young activists in the area making a difference. 
      • Learning about young people that are making a difference in the world. 
      • Discussions, (student-led) on what you can do to make a change in your community and beyond. 

      Registration deadline July 12


      • Learning on Zoom 

       I am constantly checking the barometer on where my young people are at emotionally, physically, and mentally. Most importantly, I want to ensure we are having fun as we’re learning! My classes keep kids engaged and having a great time while they learn to be activists for change in their communities and better citizens for the world.


      • What are people saying about the Change Marker classes?

        “When the pandemic necessitated online instruction Victor was an overnight expert at Zoom classroom, where he combined dance, singing, learning, and meditation to hold the attention of a 4-year-old for an hour, 3 times a week! No easy feat, as we all know. Victor also recognized the importance of checking in with the students 1 x 1, and my child looked forward to those times when he could “show Victor” whatever he was into.

        My son and I also participated in Victor’s virtual Changemakers class, where Victor brought his signature calmness and wisdom to hard conversations. While some of the changemakers were familiar to us, the repetition and new perspectives were valuable, and they always lead to new conversations. After Victor’s class my son and I had a lot of conversations that started with “I want to be a changemaker but I don’t want to go to jail.” We talked about how jail is scary, but some people (like Gandhi) saw it as a time for learning. We also talked about how we could create change without going to jail, and how not all changemakers (Sonia Sotomayor) go to jail to make a change. These are the types of conversations that I want to be having with my son, and Victor’s class gave us that opportunity and the tools to have them together and for me to feel good about the outcomes. “

        I feel so lucky to have had Victor in my son’s life and my own.

        -Kate Elwell, parent 

      “We are extremely grateful that both our boys had Victor as a teacher.

      His presence is warm, calming, and reassuring. “

      “Victor has a passion for teaching and it shows through the care he gives each student. “

      -Jackie Carrington, parent 


      “Victor’s teaching style uses kindness and compassion to give his students room to question, experiment, make mistakes, try again, and learn. I watched with joy as he extended this to my child, and realized with gratitude that it extended to me as a parent too.”



      “Victor Bradley brings together two forces—young children and social justice—which when brought together will make our world a better place. As a tremendously nurturant and knowledgeable early childhood educator he has a profound understanding of the complexity and power of young children’s development. “

      —John Hornstein, Founding Faculty Member,

      Brazelton Touchpoints Center

      “My child attended Victor’s online

      ‘Diverse People of Power’ class. He immediately requested that I get his books on several of the ‘changemakers’ that Victor had presented. He was impacted by these stories and has now started a child-led activist club for his peers at his school.

      Parent of Malik (7 years old)

      ”Teaching activism empowers young people to make big changes in the world, even though they’re small.”

      Victor L. BradleyJr.  

       Anti Racists/Bias Educational


      (617) 905-8429

      ”Never too young to change the world










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